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Tree care with a real Arborist.

Tree Doctors help lawn care.

Tree Help is one call away.

Types of Tree care services.
Tree Doctor can do pest control if he holds Liscence.

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Tree Tops Pest Control has been in 
business for over 20 years. It is a 
service oriented business offering 
standard services with a flair for  
providing specialized needs of 
of customers. Most of specialized 
services offered are not available  
through other companies. 

* Pest Control * Termite Control 
* Lawn Care * Tree Care 
* Insect Control * Fungus Control 
* Tree Care or Fertilization 
* Tree Care or Disease and Insects 
* Tree or Lawn Care Abiotic Disorders 
* Tree or Lawn Care Service Information 
* Tree or Lawn Care Service Provided 
* Tree Care & Lawn Care Service Provided 
by a Real Tree Doctor 
* Proper Tree or Lawn Care Diagnosis  
* Real Arborist

Tree Doctors are hard to 
find. Call Now!

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Tree Loss Information 
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Houston, Texas


Tree Tops serves the following area: The Woodlands, Lake Conroe, Conroe, Willis, Spring Cypress, Houston, Cypress, 
TomBall,Montgomery County, Spring, Northern Harris County, Northwest Houston, North Houston, and  
Northeast Houston

Special situations are always considered.

Need tree service, tree care or tree doctor  
information. Please call. 281-704-5627

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Tree Care Services

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Lawn Care

Lawn Service

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Pine Beetles

Subject Matter

A Licensed Arborist and Tree Doctor with over 20 years experience in the tree care field . Lawn and 
shrub care is all so offered. It is very difficult to find an actual tree doctor in the Houston area.

Tree care houston

Tree Spraying - Dormant oil spraying in the winter, kills overwintering insects in your trees and shrubs. 
Deep Root Feeding - Maintains your tree's vigor . Nitrogen properly applied aids the tree roots and  
promotes growth and vigor. 
Natural Soil Amendments - Soil amendments improves a trees disease resistance. Soil improvements 
promote beneficial microorganisms for the tree. Better tree care is not just about applying chemicals. 
Impoving the soil will help your tree be healthier and more vigorous.

Expert Arborist, Professional arborist, Tree Care Services, Lawn care, Shrub care


"The Shield"

Pest Control for Trees 
and Shrubs.

"The Shield" 
Annual Pest Control 
For Trees and Shrubs

"Serving Houston , Tx"

"Serving Houston, Texas 
and The Woodlands

Taking care of Trees is our business.

Articles on Tree Care

1. How to water your tree?

2. How to fertilize your tree?

3. How to check the pulse of your tree?

4. Saving trees with Tree Tops Pest Control.


The Real Tree Doctor

Tree Expert in Houston

Home Tree Care

Guide Lines for proper tree care. 
Most people in search of tree care donít know the right questions to ask when searching for a tree care company. 
They know little or nothing about tree care. The following is a list of information the home owner should know when 
trying to hire a company. This information is intended for Texas residents but much of the information may be 
applicable in other states. 
Most arborists are not tree doctors. Most arborists make over 90% of their living cutting, 
pruning and taking trees down. Hire someone who makes 90% of their living doing tree care on a daily basis. 
Most arborists are not licensed and know little about trees. 
Certified arborists are generally people who belong to one of the national arborist associations. 
This doesnít mean that they understand about tree care. 
The State of Texas does not Certify Arborists. 
The State of Texas does offer certain categories which grant a business license to perform work on trees. The 
holder of any license means that company meet the minimal standards of the state to receive a license. 
Testing criteria is generally pretty lax in the area of tree care. These categories have very little to do with tree care. 
It is more of a money making opportunity for the state. The more companies they issue licenses , the more revenue 
for the state. 
Tree spraying will do very little to help a tree with sever problems. The average chemical sprayed on a tree will 
help for only about 10 days. Tree spraying should only be used for control measures when the problem is minor. 
Major infestations of insects or fungus will generally require multiple spraying on a regular basis. Other treatment 
options may be necessary on sever problems. 
Fertilizing trees should be done once a year. Ninety percent of most companies under fertilize 
By 400%. Proper vigor is essential in maintaining the health of a tree. 
The average arborist has less than two weeks of classroom training. Home owners have very little chance of getting 
proper tree care done by one of these individuals. 
Beware of cheap prices when hiring a tree care company. If it is to cheap there is probably something wrong. 
Many chemicals cost upwards of several hundred dollars just for a gallon. Trees often are very large requiring 
many gallons of chemicals. Treating a tree for what it may cost to spray shrubs is a dead give away that something 
may be wrong. 
A good tree doctor can always demonstrate his knowledge. Listen carefully and make sure the recommended 
solution makes sense. If you donít understand ask for a more detailed explanation. Simple explanations that 
donít make sense are an indication of a lack of knowledge. Good tree care will come from a knowledgeable 
tree doctor. Remember arborists are not tree doctors. Most arborists make most of their living cutting, pruning, and 
removing trees. 
Most trees have multiple problems. The home owner has a much better chance of a successful outcome, if the 
tree doctor can diagnose many diseases and insect problems. If the tree doctor canít demonstrate this ability 
hire some one else. Good tree care is hard to find. 
Most companies offer cutting, pruning and removal but almost none concentrate on tree care services.

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5. Guide lines for proper tree care.

Services offered: 
Tree Doctor or Tree Doctors 
tree expert 
lawn fertilizing 
Tree fertilizing 
Sick Tree Diagnosis 
Abiotic Disorder Diagnosis 
Soil ammendments 
Fertilize Lawn 
Fertilize Tree 
Pest Control 
Tree Service or Tree Services Offered excluding trimming and removal. 
Tree Disease ( Control Only) 
Insect Control ( Control Only) 
Tree Insect Control 
Types of Insect Controlled. 
Aphid control 
Scale control 
Ant control 
Flea Control 
Roach control 
Borer or Borers Control 
Tree Help 
Palm Help

Tree fertilizing or Lawn Fertilizing

Save Sick Trees. Call The Real Tree Doctor

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Service Areas:Email Me.








Service Areas:Email Me. Conroe, Houston,Tomball,The Woodlands, Mangolia, Montogomery,Spring, Willis, Cypress

6. Saving trees from drought damage.

7. Save a Tree .

8. How to save a palm.

Shrub Care Program

9. Palm Tree Maintenance

10. Palm Tree Care

Don't hire a 20 year old kid, Get someone with 20 years experience.

Tree Help is one call away!

Tree Help is one call away!

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Sick Tree

Save Tree

Treat Tree

Tree Disease

Diagnose Tree

12. Tree Treatment

11. Tree Stress

Dying Tree

Help Tree

Sick Tree

Save Tree

Treat Tree

Tree Disease

Diagnose Tree

Help Tree

Dying Tree

Tree Doctor Houston

Tree Doctor The Woodlands



Tree Doctor

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Houston Tree Care , Houston Tree Doctor, Houston Pest Control  
Serving Houston, TX area. or the Houston, Texas metropolitan area

Pest Control

Tree Care

Tree Doctors are hard to find. Tree doctors that hold a pest control license, and a lawn care license are even harder to find. 
The average arborist will only hold one license and the average arborist has less than two weeks of class room training. They  
make their living cutting, pruning and killing. My company makes 99% of its business caring for trees. Chose somone who  
cares for trees and saves them.  
"The Real Tree Doctor"

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