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Tree Tops Pest Control

Tree Tops Pest Control has been in  
business for over 20 years. It provides 
many tree services for trees. Tree  
Tops does not do trimming or removal 
of trees. Our main emphasis is tree care. 
Unlike other companies our entire staff  
is dedicated to diagnosis of disease and 
insects for trees and shrubs. When 
trees die, you need to find out why. 
If you don't your other trees may 
die from the same problem.

* Pest Control * Termite Control 
* Lawn Care * Tree Care 
* Insect Control * Fungus Control 
* Tree Fertilization 
* Tree Disease and Insects 
* Abiotic Disorders 
* Tree Service Information 
* Tree Service Provided 
* Tree Service Provided by  
a Real Tree Doctor 
* Tree Diagnosis

Tree Doctors are hard to 
find. Call Now!

Please bookmark this page so 
you can find it in the future.

Tree Loss Information 
and Tax Forms

Click here to recieve a 
free phone consultation 
with the tree doctor.

Click here to recieve the  
free sprinkler head evaluation. 
A $180.00 value.

The Woodlands, Texas


Tree Tops serves the following area: The Woodlands, lake Conroe, Conroe, Willis 
Spring Cypress, Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Montgomery County, Northern Harris County

Special situations are always considered.

Need tree service, tree care or tree doctor  
information. Please call.

Tree Service

Tree Care

Tree Doctor

Palm Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Service

Quick Guidelines for Tree Service Companies

1. Tree Service companies are very different. Many people believe that 
they are just about all the same. Chosing one service company over another can 
produce different outcomes.  
2. Very few tree service companies has qualified arborists. Most are staffed by 
individuals that have never even read a book on the subject.  
3. State Laws are very lenient concerning arborists. Many service companies do not 
even have a real arborist on staff.  
4. Tree service companies offen do not sterilize there instruments. Infection is 
often spread from tree to tree.  
5. Tree service is actually time consuming. Therefore the cheapest bid is often the 
one you should not take.  
6. Tree service often requires specialized equipment costing thousands of dollars. 
Lifts, chippers, and expensive trucks are often needed. Chose a company that has 
the equipment. 
7. Tree service companies should carry insurance. Make sure they do. 
8. Tree services do differ from company to company. Ask questions that 
would cause them to reveal the differences. 
9. Most tree service companies are not equiped with trained staff for diagnosing 
insects and disease. Ask the company what makes up the majority of there income? 
If they say, that the majority of there income comes from cutting and pruning, 
they may not be the company for you!

If you need the service for your trees that requires disease and insect control. 
Tree Tops Pest Control is the company you need. Tree Tops Pest Control makes 
90% of it's income treating and diagnosing sick trees.

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"Tree Service for 
Houston Texas"

Tree Service: 
The Woodlands 

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Pine tree taken care of with great service by Tree Tops Pest Control . 42