Saving sick trees is what I do.

The best way to keep a tree from getting sick is prevention.

Relieveing stress will keep a tree from becoming sick.

Insects give other disease to sick trees.

Insects attack sick tree.
Drought stress is causing many trees to be sick.

I am looking for sick trees with problems to cure. I cure trees with problems in houston.

Tree Tops Pest Control


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People tell me they have been looking for someone just like me. 
I specialize in diagnosing trees with real problems. You know those sick trees your tree cutting company wants to  
make a lot of money cutting down. Trees with problems that they say can't be helped. Well here I am. I have been 
in business for over 20 years. I save sick trees every year. In fact, I have an annual 99% success rate at doing it. 
If you have a sick tree with problems, give me a call. I will give you honest an fair advice. If the tree cannot be 
saved I will tell. I will not waste your time or money. If I can help the tree, I will tell you that to. Saving a tree can 
save a lot of money and help to maintain the beauty of your property. Many arborist will tell you to cut it down  
because that is all they know how to do. Remember, they make money every time they cut a tree down.

I save trees with problems, that is why they call me The Real Tree Doctor.

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I grow beautiful trees.

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Specializing In :  
Stressed and Diseased Trees  
Treating Trees Damaged By Construction  
Tree Spraying  
Tree Fertilization  
Diseases of Trees and Shrubs  
Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs  
Tree Planting  
Systemic Tree Injections The Woodlands  
Areas Serviced: 
River Oaks  
West University  
The Heights  
Central Houston  
North Houston  
The Woodlands 
Insured For Your Protection

Actual Trees - Grown by Tree Tops Pest Control

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Some Common Myths about sick trees are: 
"My tree is green it is ok." Sick Trees can be very ill and still be green. 
Sick trees can take many years to die. Early intervention is the best way 
to keep them healthy. 
Prevention is the best way to keep you trees from becoming sick. Waiting 
until the last minute to call is not the way to go.

Tree Service 
Tree Care 
Sick Tree 
Sick Trees 
Tree Doctor

Tree Service 
Tree Care 
Sick Tree 
Sick Trees 
Tree Doctor

Saving sick trees is what I do.