Hurricanes are devastating to trees. What you do now will determine whether  
you get to keep your trees in future years. Stress is one of the biggest killers of  
trees. It sets the tree up for possible future invasion of insects, fungus and bacterial 
infections. Stress is a silent killer. Most people do not call a Tree Doctor until it is 
to late. Knowing what to do is the first step to aiding a trees recovery.

Step 2 
Call a Real Tree Doctor not an Arborist. A trained professional that understands  
tree biology, local tree problems, Insects, and disease and is going to be better suited  
to aiding your trees in recovery.

Step 1 
Document your tree loss. Take digital pictures and save them to your computer. 
Taking pictures helps to prove your loss to the IRS and will aid your tree appraiser 
in determining the value of your trees. If you have some before and after pictures,  
it can be helpful to the appraiser. The Insurance company is not your friend. They 
are trying to settle for the least amount of money possible. If the Insurance company 
does not cover tree replacement, Losses my be deducted from your Taxes. The cost 
to save your trees or the treament necessary to keep your trees, is also tax deductible.

Step 3 
Get a tree loss Appraisal. Determining the value of your loss now is the best  
way to be prepared for tax season. It is very difficult to determine the loss of value 
months down the road or from pictures by themselves. If You need an loss appraisal 
Call Tree Tops Pest Control. Most arborist do not do appraisals. Calling someone 
that does is important.

Call 281-704-5627

Step 4 
Don't hire just any tree trimming company. Most companies do not sterilized  
their instruments. This can cause future disease and eventual death of your tree.  
Upon request, Tree Tops will recommend arborist that do sterilize their trimming 
tools. A cheaper price now can cost you thousands later.

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Hurrican Ike Tree Loss Information

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