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The Woodlands, Texas


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"Local Pest Control in The Woodlands"

"Pest Control Service for The Woodlands


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Welcome to my little company. My company has been in business in The Woodlands  
area for over twenty years. I offer budget to cadillac pest control services. In todays, 
economy if you need a budget program, You can get one from Tree Tops Pest Control 
and save several hundred dollars for the year. If your pest problem is more sever you  
can step it up to my deluxe pest control program at any time. Not all pest control 
programs are the same. Tree Tops will find the right pest control program for you.

If you request the Budget Program, You get a complete inspection of your home. A  
thorough assessment of the problem. If a budget program will work, Your home will be 
treated and then you will be put on a quarterly program. My company will notify you by  
mail when we are coming. My company will power spray the exterior of your home. You  
do not have to be present. This program is designed for people who do not have any 
major problems. Call early before problems start. Call backs are extra.

The deluxe pest control program includes complete inspection of your home. The 
internal deluxe bait treatment of your home, every other month perimeter treatment.  
The Power Spray Control treatment, complete call back service cover. Ulv 
Treatement, if necessary and Power Dusting the attic when necessary. This is much  
more thorough coverage and all specialty pests are included. The Budget Program  
does not include specialty pesta. Termites and Carpenter Ants are not included in  
either program.

What is the difference?

Most companies will not really tell you.  
Often there are lots of hidden fees with other companies. If you ask we will be happy 
to tell you the differences. Five major differences are:

1. Our program will not stain your walls. 
2. Our program will expose you and your family to 80% less pesticides. 
3. Our program actually uses Power Spraying. 98% of the companies in town  
do not have our equipment. It is much more expensive. 
4. Our perimeter treatments are much more effective. 
5. No Appointments. You do not have to be home in order for my company 
to maintain your home. 
6. On occasion if you need a special appointment one can be set for you.

How much does it cost to get started?

The intial cost does varies depending on the difficulty of your problem. If 
you call us before there is a problem, Tree Tops will honour it's low quoted 
prices. Tree Tops Pest Control will determine the difficulty of your problem. 
Our companies policy is to not blow estimates out of proportion.

Specialty Pests that are not included in the program are: 
Fleas, Pharoah Ants, Carpenter Ants, Termites,  
German Roaches,Bed Bugs,Tree Tops reserves the 
right to determine Specialty Pests or Specialty 

Call now to schedule your work.

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Pest Control: 
In the Woodlands, TX

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Budget Pest Control Service

Deluxe Pest Control Service


In The Woodlands Texas you do have a choice. All pest control services are 
not the same, Chose a service that will expose you to 90% less pesticides and 
is convienent to use.

Philip Hughes is the owner and operator of Tree Tops Pest Control. He has over 
24 years of experience and holds four Certified applicator licences with the State of 
Texas. Programs that are designed by this company are exclusive to this company 
and are proprietry. Over the years special equipment, special treatments, and  
special techniques have been developed for the performance of my services. 
Annual success rates are 99.% with an annual call back rate of less than 1 tenth 
of a percent. Tree Tops Pest Control does carry the required Business Insurance. 
Mr. Hughes is a licensed Tree Doctor and is Licensed to work in the following catagories: 
Lawn and Ornamental, Weed, Termite, and Pest Control. Mr. Hughes has personally 
inspected thousands of homes with no complaints ever filed with the BBB.

Owner and Operator

Pest control is not his only area of expertise. Mr. Hughes is also experienced in  
drainage and irrigation systems. Many home owners call on him to solve  
problems that others have not solved.

Abiotic Disorders and Plant Disease are an additional area of service. Pest Control on  
shurbs and Trees is another area that is unusual to find.

Saving Trees is a passion for Mr. Hughes, as most arborist have less than 
two weeks of classroom training. Pest control for trees and the diseases 
of trees is an area that is limited to very few in the State of Texas. If you 
need service in The Woodlands, Please give him a call.

Call me in The Woodlands, TX


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