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Tree Tops Pest Control has been in 
business for over 20 years. It is a 
service oriented business offering 
standard services with a flair for  
providing specialized needs of 
of customers. Most of specialized 
services offered are not available  
through other companies. 

* Pest Control * Termite Control 
* Lawn Care * Tree Care 
* Insect Control * Fungus Control 
* Tree Care or Fertilization 
* Tree Care or Disease and Insects 
* Tree or Lawn Care Abiotic Disorders 
* Tree or Lawn Care Service Information 
* Tree or Lawn Care Service Provided 
* Tree Care & Lawn Care Service Provided 
by a Real Tree Doctor 
* Proper Tree or Lawn Care Diagnosis  
* Real Arborist

Tree Doctors are hard to 
find. Call Now!

Please bookmark this page so 
you can find it in the future.

Tree Loss Information 
and Tax Forms

Click here to recieve a 
free phone consultation 
with the tree doctor.

Click here to recieve the  
free sprinkler head evaluation. 
A $180.00 value.

The Woodlands, Texas


Tree Tops serves the following area: The Woodlands, Lake Conroe, Conroe, Willis, Spring Cypress, Houston, Cypress, 
TomBall,Montgomery County, Spring, Northern Harris County, Northwest Houston, North Houston, and  
Northeast Houston

Special situations are always considered.

Need tree service, tree care or tree doctor  
information. Please call. 281-704-5627

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Tree Care

Tree Doctor

Palm Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Service

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Licensed Arborists and Tree Doctor with over 20 years experience in the tree care field . Lawn and 
shrub care is all so offered. It is very difficult to find an actual tree doctor in the houston area.

Tree care houston

Tree Spraying - Dormant oil spraying in the winter, kills overwintering insects in your trees and shrubs. 
Deep Root Feeding - Maintains your tree's vigor . Nitrogen properly applied aids the tree roots and  
promotes growth and vigor. 
Natural Soil Amendments - Soil amendments improves a trees disease resistance. Soil improvements 
promote beneficial microorganisms for the tree. Better tree care is not just about applying chemicals. 
Impoving the soil will help your tree be healthier and more vigorous.

Expert Arborist, Professional arborist, Tree Care, Lawn care, Shrub care


"The Shield"

Pest Control for Trees 
and Shrubs.

"The Shield" 
Annual Pest Control 
For Trees and Shrubs

"Serving Houston"

"Serving The Woodlands 
& Conroe Area"

Taking care of Trees is our business.

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The Real Tree Doctor

Tree Expert in Houston

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Tree help with a Tree Doctor.

Tree care with a Tree Doctor.

Lawn or shrub care with a Tree Doctor.


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A tree specialist or tree expert is not who you think it is.