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How to fertilize your Trees

by Philip Hughes

Precious water gives life to our enviroment.

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People call me every year and want to know " How to fertilize 
their trees?" I always ask them "Why do you want to?"

In the Houston area there are many different soil types. I realized along time ago that if I  
was going to help the area trees that I would need to be able to modify my tank mixes. Modifing  
tank mixes would allow me to compensate for different soil types. Different types of trees needed 
different nutrient requirements, so changing the tank mix would be highly beneficial. 
I developed my own company tank mixes and soil amendments that would work in the Houston 
area soils. Most over the counter fertilizers do not do this. Neither do other companies. 
However, the ability to modify my tank mixes has helped my customer's trees over the years. 
Trees require much larger amounts of nitrogen than other plants and customer's think that  
it is going to be just like fertilizing the grass. 
In addition, I use a very expensive pumping system that aids me in the distribution of the 
nitrogen across the yard.

There are serveral ways to fertilize trees. I will tell you how to do it the following way: 
First, read the label of the fertilizer that you are going to use. Not all labels will give you 
the information that you need. Choose a fertilizer that has a good descriptive label that 
you can understand. 
Second, get our your electric drill with a long extension cord. Buy a 11/2" auger bit to  
make holes in the soil. 
Using the label, figure out how much feritlizer you are going to need for your yard. 
Take the drill and make holes on 2' centers across your entire yard or under the drip line  
of the tree. Most yards have multiple trees with large root systems. That is why you do  
the entire yard.  
Make the holes about 8 to 12 " inches in depth across the entire area. 
Finally, fill the holes with the fertilizer. This should be done annually or according to the 
label on the fertilizer bag.

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How to fertilize your trees?

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